The advantage of using cloth bags.

'Do you need a bag?'  This is a question posed in many grocery stores around the world if you do not have a bag with you. Countries are looking to reduce plastic usage and have started banning plastic bags altogether.

As a customer, you can pay the additional cost and purchase the bag in the grocery store or simply invest in a reusable cloth bag.

But what makes cloth bags better than plastic?
The biggest reason is that cloth bags are reusable. This decreases the need to use more materials for single use production. In addition they reduce plastic pollution.

Cloth bags come in different forms. They could be made from natural fiber, recyclable materials or synthetic materials.
Natural fibers, such as jute, hemp, and cotton, are especially environmentally friendly when it comes to their ability to biodegrade after they’ve fulfilled their use. Jute and hemp are also economical to grow and cultivate, making them ideal plants to harvest for materials.

There are also many synthetic fiber bags to consider such as polypropylene and polyester.

It’s estimated that nearly 8 million pieces of plastic enter oceans every day.
One of the most impactful steps we can take as individuals is to reduce our use of single plastics.
Purchase a cloth bag to make an impact and the cloth bag can not only be used for groceries but also for a trip to the beach or to your work .

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